About bMayaCal

bMayaCal is Mayan calendar software. Simply put, it correlates the Mayan calendar with the Gregorian calendar currently in worldwide use. It is free, open source software designed to run on many operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, and *nix.


bMayaCal's current feature set is basic. It allows for;

+ Easy selection of Gregorian or Mayan Long Count dates
+ Display of Mayan short count dates using the haab and tzolkin
+ Ability to set the correlation factor (defaults to Thompson's)
+ Selection of dates by jumping a specific timeframe.

See the screenshot to get a better feel for the program.

Note from Brice

I wrote bMayaCal while attending New College of Florida in an effort to combine Mayan studies with Computer Science. It is currently an unfinished project, awaiting an interface which displays the date in glyphs (graphics), a port to Java, and the inclusion of some of Edmonson's more obscure findings such as serpent numbers. If you need all these fancy features, I suggest you checkout the complete, yet dated "BDPRO" software. When time becomes more lenient, I may complete these final rennovations.